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The Harmony Way

Peace of mind at home

Harmony can be defined as a pleasing arrangement of parts. That’s exactly what a good home care experience should feel like. We offer a full complement of services to keep you safe at home and connected with the best aspects of life.

Personal Care

Home care services often include assistance with personal care, or Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). These are fundamental needs for all of us. When our clients need support with these tasks – whether due to aging or other challenging circumstances – we proceed with their dignity in mind. Every client has specific needs and preferences for how to receive support, and we take that to heart. 

 Bathing or showering


 Transfers – getting in and out of bed or a chair

 Using the toilet



Companion Care

Companion Care

Companionship is often talked about as a service in our industry, though it’s really more about chemistry.

The tangible caregiving skills of our Home Health Aides (HHAs) and Personal Care Aides (PCAs) are a prerequisite for this work, but we hired them because of their personality and genuine compassion.

You can expect our caregivers to be a warm and positive presence in your life. You may find that you simply get along while going through your daily routine, or perhaps you may enjoy certain activities together.


Our caregivers and clients have:

  • Attended group classes and activities
  • Visited cultural centers such as museums or historical sites
  • Seen shows and musical performances
  • Worked on creative projects together
  • Found activities at home such as reading books or playing card games

Support with Daily Tasks

There are countless chores and tasks we all must do in our daily lives. There’s even a technical term for these tasks, also known as Instrumental Activities of Daily Living or IADLs. As part of your overall care plan, we will identify the areas where our staff can offer support in this domain. 

Instrumental Activities of Daily Living include:

 Meal Preparation and grocery shopping



 Light cleaning and household chores

 Reminders and appointment escorts

Your Care Team

A personalized care plan and a synchronous staff of dedicated professionals are part of the Harmony Home Care experience. We’re here to look out for your health, happiness, and various long-term care needs.


Nurse Supervisor

At the outset of care, one of our registered nurses (RNs) will perform an assessment and help compose a personalized care plan for you.

Our nurses are easy to reach by phone and email for ongoing questions and support. They also oversee the work of our caregivers who provide daily assistance. As necessary, our nurses will instruct or train our caregivers on your specific needs.

Client advisor

Client Services Advisor

Our client services advisors (CSAs) are licensed social workers and seasoned senior care experts. They play an important role in understanding your needs and preferences.

Throughout your time as a Harmony client, you will have a dedicated, responsive CSA who can provide long-term care solutions and referrals to 3rd party service providers, such as geriatric care managers, elder law attorneys, visiting medical providers, and community organizations.



A good caregiver has the skills to do their job safely and the personal characteristics to form a meaningful connection with their client. All of our caregivers providing personal care are trained as either Home Health Aides (HHAs) or Personal Care Aides (PCAs).

In addition, they have proven to us that this work is more than a job for them, so you can expect them to be attentive, professional, and personable.

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